Right area of tv antenna

Prior to permanently installing the antenna for digital tv reception it is a smart idea to perform a fast view survey to find the area with the very best signal. Moving the antenna one way or another just a few feet can make a wonderful distinction in the success of the antenna installation. Digital television is a little bit various than analog TELEVISION. With analog TELEVISION climax signal strength was the most important aspect for good reception and creating a great image. With digital TELEVISION peak signal strength is not the most important aspect for good function. This suggests that the old approaches for finding a location and intending a TV antenna will not provide the very best outcomes. In picking an irreversible location for digital TV antenna look at a number of installing places.

Techniques for checking the best antenna place:
Location the antenna in a high place with as few blockages in front of behind or to the sides of the antenna as most likely. Optimally the antenna needs to be at least 30 feet above the ground pointed directly in the line of sight of the broadcast antenna. Link the antenna to digital TV tuner with a good quality transmission line.
For best results, do not run signal through diplexers. Run new RG6 coax cable from antenna location directly to digital TELEVISION receiver. Tune the analog TV to a UHF TELEVISION channel that is on the same broadcast tower or tower area as the digital TELEVISION stations one trying to receive. If there is no details can call the local TELEVISION stations engineering department and ask them. check Slowly rotate antenna or walk spot location with antenna while keeping an eye on the analog TV. Discover the place that has a steady image with the least quantity of ghosts.

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